A. Training & Development

We take people with basic academic qualification and them with training and the required skills to suit individual employer demands (e.g. candidate who has completed
their secondary education, instill with right welding training and certification to comply with the needs of the industry.)

B. Recruitment and Selection

1. Preliminary Selection

Our preliminary selection is based on using our database to match a candidate’s individual skill set with individual employer specifications.

2. Interview

We interview the selected candidates and short-list them for finalization process. We do this by carrying out the following series of tests to further
match candidates to the employer.

– Specific Skill Test
– Psychological Test (if required by the employer)
– Medical Test (performed by a certified medical authority) to meet international screening requirements.

3. Finalize
In this step the candidates is selected by employer ask, our additional will be included.

C. Travel & Hospitality Services

1. Orientation involves helping the selected candidates get adapted to the new working environment in areas such as:
• Culture
• Climate and Living Conditions
• Transportation
• Local Laws and Regulations
• Food Habits
• Communications
• Health Services
• Language Training (if necessary)

2. Travel Arrangements: Such taking care of air tickets and take clearance from local authorities. After reaching destination, the international representative officially hands over selected candidates to the employer.

3. Periodic checks are performed by the international representative to ensure that the candidate is enjoying living and working conditions. If necessary, the international representative will act as a liaison between the candidate and their families back home.